twitpic and yfrog thumbnails

my facebook newsfeed is full of twits with links to images hosted on twitpic and yfrog. both twitpic and yfrog provide a super simple way to get thumbnails from these links. so, until facebook or some facebook-app does this for me, i had to do it for myself.

here’s a simple bookmarklet twitpicfix that will convert this:

ohad-b4to this:


and this:

yfrog-b4into this:


since i’m too lazy to write a firefox extension (and there’s already a PowerTwitter that does some of this for the twitter website itself), so I hacked a bookmarklet that does it.

drag the bookmarklet twitpicfix to your links bar and click it whenever you have a bunch of twitpic/yfrog urls and want to preview them inline.

in fact, here’s a link, click the twitpicfix link and see what happens.

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