🌘 Ohad Eder-Pressman

Hi, my name is Ohad. I’m a programmer, entrepreneur, and early-stage investor based in San Francisco


  • Co-founder & President of Stackbit, which is remaking the programming and visual editing of websites
  • Early-stage investor in startups like Sanity, Dev, Chromatic, Domestika, Netlify, PeerSpace, Bottomless, IFTTT, and others
  • On the Board of Directors of Netlify, which is changing the way people build, deploy, and manage modern web projects
  • Co-founder & President of AppSharp, which builds software to help small businesses thrive


  • Founded and was CEO of 3D3R Software, which was acquired by Chegg (NYSE:CHGG), served as Chegg’s VP R&D
  • Co-founded GarageGeeks, which was a physical & virtual space for multi-disciplinary creative people to meet, innovate and build
  • Developed games for the PalmPilot, including the world’s best selling Checkers game for the platform
  • Started the Demoscene group IMR which won several international awards, wrote lots of 0x86 assembly code