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IMR-Bombers is a remake of the popular Bomberman game for the Palm Platform.
It features up to 4 intelligent computer-driven opponents, fast game-play and dazzling graphics.



Click here to visit the IMR-Bombers page


IMR-Checkers is now 'Pocket Express Checkers', featurewise it could be called 'IMR-Checkers 2'.

Checkers for the Palm. It has an intelligent and configurable computer opponent which can be an easy competition, or a pretty tough one :).The game is fast thinking, small in size and optimized for the Pilot.
A Palm Classic.

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The game starts out with a grid of 20x10. The rows and columns are filled with various symbols and shapes. The idea is to tap on all the symbols that are alike and are ajacent to each other. Simple, eh? So what's so fun about that? Well, first off, as you get rid of all the similar symbols, the columns collapse to fill in the empty spaces left by the matches. Everything shifts and you are left with trying to use more strategy in your moves rather than haphazardly clicking away at the board. You score points for each match which can be 2 tiles or more. It's really satisfying to see many tiles all go down at once through careful planning. The game is a true Pilot's small and it's really fun.

Visit the official IMR bmd 4 page right here

Download Shareware Version


Yes, snake for the Palm, modeled after the implementation of Snake on the Nokia 51xx and 6xx phones, small easy and fun.



Download Snake


Conway's game of Life :A cool implementation of the game of life, featuring :

* blazing fast life generation/animation.
* large-board mode


Download Life

The 3D sierpinski is the based on the code from our demo StereoMike. A 3d sierpinski is generated, rotated and blitted. Nothing special, it was shitty until I learned minimal page flipping with the pilot (thanks to the guy who wrote Cube3D). There's control over the recursion level of the model (which is of course generated when the program starts). It uses floats (haven't tried fixed point yet, might be faster), and a pre-calculated sinus-table.

Me and Yonatan Lavi aka Silvatar/Immortals on a train to North-Israel to visit the guys from YOE first coded the sierpinski in 2d. We wrote it on the pilot with PilotC, which is cool, but too bad itís a VM.

Anyhow, this was the first thing I wrote with gcc. I just took the source code from the PilotC memopad record, fixed some calls. And After about 30 seconds I saw the 2d Sierpinski on my Pilot Emulator ;).

Download Sierpinski 2D
Download Sierpinski 3D


To see how well the PalmV works at its 4bit gray (16 levels of gray), I wrote a simple mandelbrot zoomer.
You need a PalmV or PalmVx or PalmIIIx or PalmIIIe. Basically one of the palms with the good new screen (Visor too I reckon).

My first color program. An adaptation of the old MandelbrotV, only supporting a 128-color palette. Will work on an IIIc, a color emulator, and hopefully any new color device to come out soon (Sony Vaio perhaps).

Download MandelbrotV (GrayScale)
Download MandelbrotC (Color)

Civax from CFXWeb asked me to make a small intro for his online demo and game development site. He wanted a PC one but I didn't feel like doing something small for the pc, so here's something small for the palm :)

View Animated Image of the Intro

Download GrayScale Version
Download Color Version

Want to be able to read Hebrew on your Palm for free? check out this page to learn how to... (Now with a solution for flipped text).

Hebrew on your Palm