7 things the iPad will change

There’s so much commotion about the iPad that its hard to reduce its debut tomorrow to any single value proposition. I think the impact of this device on how we consume and interact with digital content will be nothing short of ZOMG.

Here are 7 things I think the iPad will change:

  • My laptop has just turned into a desktop, and my (future) iPad is the only computer I’ll be taking with me when I leave home
  • If you have an iPhone prepare to use it significantly less – unless you’re running down the street or something
  • Most people over 50 are going to find themselves 10x more productive and 10x less stressful using this device vs. their PC
  • It will take a lot of what we do on a PC and make it simpler, sexier and more comfortable – Apple are really good at this
  • We will consume significantly more content because its going to be so convenient – Books, Videos, Books, Blogs, News-Papers, Books.
  • Written content will see the biggest boom now that things like Harry Potter’s “The Daily Prophet” are possible.
  • Apple stock will dip when the market opens Monday April 5′th 2010 – It usually does as last week’s buyers sell to make a profit, oh and I have some April $230 PUTs

And here’s for some laughs:

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