7 things the iPad will change

There’s so much commotion about the iPad that its hard to reduce its debut tomorrow to any single value proposition. I think the impact of this device on how we consume and interact with digital content will be nothing short of ZOMG.

Here are 7 things I think the iPad will change:

  • My laptop has just turned into a desktop, and my (future) iPad is the only computer I’ll be taking with me when I leave home
  • If you have an iPhone prepare to use it significantly less – unless you’re running down the street or something
  • Most people over 50 are going to find themselves 10x more productive and 10x less stressful using this device vs. their PC
  • It will take a lot of what we do on a PC and make it simpler, sexier and more comfortable – Apple are really good at this
  • We will consume significantly more content because its going to be so convenient – Books, Videos, Books, Blogs, News-Papers, Books.
  • Written content will see the biggest boom now that things like Harry Potter’s “The Daily Prophet” are possible.
  • Apple stock will dip when the market opens Monday April 5′th 2010 – It usually does as last week’s buyers sell to make a profit, oh and I have some April $230 PUTs

And here’s for some laughs:

Explaining US car to Isralies

US auto insurance is complex, there are many components and many prices. I avoided this for a while, but eventually sat down to understand WTF is going on here. so here’s a translation of the terms, what’s important and what’s not:

Bodily Injury & Property Damange Liability – דפקתי איזה מניאק, אני אשם, משלם לו בית-חולים ונזקים. הכי חשוב

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury – מניאק בלי ביטוח דפק אותי או את הנוסעים שלי

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage – מניאק בלי ביטוח דפק לי את האוטו כל עוד אני לא מונית ולא במירוץ

Medical payments – מניאק פגע בי או בבני משפחה, מכסים לי הוצאות רפואיות. בד”כ יש לך כבר ביטוח רפואי משלך

Comprehensive Coverage – השתתפות עצמית מנזק לרכב שלי לא מתאונה, לדוגמא ערס שבר לי חלון

Collision coverage – השתתפות עצמית מנזק לאוטו מתאונה

Rental car reimbursement – רכב חלופי

Roadside assistance – גרירה

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twitpic and yfrog thumbnails

my facebook newsfeed is full of twits with links to images hosted on twitpic and yfrog. both twitpic and yfrog provide a super simple way to get thumbnails from these links. so, until facebook or some facebook-app does this for me, i had to do it for myself.

here’s a simple bookmarklet twitpicfix that will convert this:

ohad-b4to this:


and this:

yfrog-b4into this:


since i’m too lazy to write a firefox extension (and there’s already a PowerTwitter that does some of this for the twitter website itself), so I hacked a bookmarklet that does it.

drag the bookmarklet twitpicfix to your links bar and click it whenever you have a bunch of twitpic/yfrog urls and want to preview them inline.

in fact, here’s a http://twitpic.com/892ti link, click the twitpicfix link and see what happens.

Download Kindle books

just got my new Kindle 2 which is totally awesome.
I found this website, http://manybooks.net/ which has tons of books from Project Gutenberg, it also has all the titles in the Kindle’s AZW format.

My friend Amit Shafrir said it would be cool if there were some script that let you quickly download these AZW files, and so here it is.

It’s a bookmarklet, drag it -> ManyBooksKindlify <- to your bookmarks toolbar and whenever you are on a page that lists books on http://manybooks.net/ click it to automagically have direct-kindle-download links inserted into the page (a little ‘k’ icon).

You can start by visiting the weekly most downloaded books list.